shoutout to jordan parrish for never meeting allison but talking about her more than anyone else lmao


I’m a good person I don’t deserve to have another Ben Winston-directed video like this 


With a second iTunes hit, this time at number one, and recent worldwide chart debuts for an EP which has only come out today, Australian teenager Troye Sivan may be about to transcend the tag of internet sensation and become a genuine music star.


Me everyday of my life


New pic from 1d wwabook app. (mine)

above: “If you want something badly enough you’ll find the time and the means”

@jamesdemolet: He’s cool with carbs. @nickjonas by me & @theonlymattjones. Thx @alixbcampbell @sergiokletnoy @danastern25 @ayatkanai love nothing more than styling a #teenidol. #cosmo #octoberissue #nickjonas #katzdeli